12 Medium eggs

Medium Eggs Pre Pack

1 x 12 Medium eggs. Sold per dozen.

1 x 12 Large Eggs

Large Eggs Pre Pack

1 x 12 Large Eggs. Sold per dozen.

12 free range medium eggs

Free Range Large Eggs Pre Pack

1 x 12 free range large eggs. Sold per dozen. Medium eggs also available on pre-order.

Catering eggs

Catering Eggs

Boxes of 60 Catering eggs. Each box contains two trays of 60 medium eggs. Sold per box.

Free range duck eggs

Duck Eggs

1 x 12 Free range duck eggs. Sold per dozen.

Free range quail eggs

Quail Eggs

Free range quail eggs. Each box contains 12 eggs. Sold per box.

Goose Eggs

Goose Eggs

Goose eggs are also available between January and May. Please enquire for further details.

1kg Liquid Egg Yolk

Liquid Egg

1kg Liquid Egg Yolk. Sold individually or in cases of 12. Egg white and whole egg also available.

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