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Milk Products
Next day delivery
Milk distributors
1 Pint Pasteurised
1 Pint Semi-Skimmed
1 Pint Skimmed

1 litre Pasteurised
1 litre Semi-Skimmed

2 litre Pasteurised
2 litre Semi-Skimmed
2 litre Skimmed

3 litre Pasteurised
3 litre Semi-Skimmed

3-Gallon Pergal Pasteurised
3 Gallon Pergal Semi-Skimmed

1 Pint Sterilized Milk
1 Litre Soya Milk – Carton
48 hour pre-order ½ Pints Pasteurised
½ Pints Semi-Skimmed
500ml UHT Pasteurised/Semi-Skimmed/Skimmed
Cream Products
Next day delivery
Cream distributors
½ Gallon Double Cream
½ Gallon Whipping Cream
Butter Products
Next day delivery
Butter distributors
Wyke Farm Butter Salted (20x250g)
(order Friday by 12 noon for Tuesday delivery) Wyke Farm Butter Unsalted (40x250g)
Next day delivery
Yoghurts distributors
1 x 20 Pack of Low Fat Yoghurts
1 x 20 Pack of Thick & Creamy Yoghurts
Next day delivery 150 ml Longley Natural Yoghurt
454 ml Longley Natural Yoghurt
1 Gallon Longley Natural Yoghurt
Next day delivery
Eggs distributors
Pre-Packed Dozens - Medium or Large
Next day delivery Box (360 eggs) - Medium or Large
Subject to availability 1 tray (24 eggs) Medium of Large
Free Range Medium Eggs (doz)
Free Range Large Eggs (doz)
(order Monday by 12 noon for Wednesday delivery) Lion Brand Eggs (5 or 15 doz)
Juices and Milkshakes
Next day delivery
Soft drink distributors
1 Litre Fruit Juices ( Orange, Apple, Pineapple, Cranberry)

1 Litre Tropicana – Orange

1 x 12 (330ml) Mars Milkshake
1 x 10 (500ml) Yazoo Milkshakes (Banana, Strawberry, Chocolate)
Cheese Products
Next day delivery
Cheese distributors
5 kg Cheese Blocks Medium Mature
5 kg Cheese Blocks Mild - White or Red

2 kg Grated Cheese Mild – White
1 kg Grated Cheese Mild - Red

1 Box 250g Wyke Farm Mild Cheese
1 Box 250g Wyke Farm Mature Cheese
1 Box 250g Wyke Farm Red Leicester Cheese
1 Box 250g Wyke Farm Double Gloucester
Catering Portions
48 hour pre-order
Catering portion distributors
100 x 12ml Milk Jiggers

100 x 10 gram Butter Portions
100 x 10 gram Marmalade Portions
100 x 10 gram Jam Portions

500 gram UHT Aerosol Cream
(order Monday by 12 noon for Wednesday delivery) 5 oz Double Cream
10 oz Double Cream
10 oz Single Cream
10 oz Whipping Cream

200 gram Crème Fraiche
125 gram Cottage Cheese
2 kg Cream Cheese – (low fat/ full fat)
Bread Products
Next day delivery
Bread distributors
800g Square Cut White Medium or Thick
800g Tasty Wholemeal Medium or Thick
800g 50/50 (Wholegrain & White) Medium
48 Hour pre-order 800g Gold Soft White Farmhouse
800g Gold Seeds & Oats Soft & Crunchy
800g Gold seeds 7 Oats Wholesome & Nutty
48 Hour pre-order 400g Square Cut White Medium or Thick
400g Tasty Wholemeal Medium

48 Hour pre-order
800g Wholemeal
800g Sunflower & Pumpkin
800g Malted Harvest Grain
Next Day delivery
800g White Medium or Thick
800g Brown Medium
800g Wholemeal Medium or Thick
800g Granary Medium
800g White Medium or Thick
800g White Medium or Thick
800g Wholemeal Medium or Thick
Polish Bread 800g Polish White
48 hour products
Rolls, Muffins, Scotch Pancakes, Finger Rolls, Crumpets, Teacakes
Kingsmill Rolls (white or brown) (6 pack)
Muffins (6 pack)
Scotch Pancakes (6 pack)

Sunblest Finger Rolls (6 pack)
Crumpets (6 pack)
Teacakes (4 pack)
Delivery & Ordering
WE DELIVER 6 DAYS A WEEK Monday – Saturday
COLLECTION HOURS Monday. – Friday 9.00 - 14.00
Saturday - 10.00 - 14.00
Sunday - Closed
ORDERING HOURS Monday – Friday
(Friday orders are taken for Saturday and Monday)
MILK PRODUCTS: 9.00 - 15.00
BREAD PRODUCTS: 9.00 - 12 noon

48 hour line (order before
12 noon)
Teacakes, Muffins, Crumpets, Pancakes, Rolls, Finger Rolls, Kingsmill 400g, Kingsmill Gold, Allinson Bread, Milk Jiggers, Butter, Marmalade and Jam Portions, UHT Aerosol Cream
Once a week delivery (Order Monday by 12 noon for Wednesday Delivery)
Cottage Cheese, Cream Cheese, Crème Fraiche 5oz Double Cream, 10oz Single, Double, Whipping Cream Lion Brand Eggs

(Order Friday by 12 noon for Tuesday Delivery)
Unsalted Butter
Tel: 01733 326 666
Fax: 01733 574 887

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Main Distribution Area

Peterborough Dairies distributors of Dairy Products, Chilled Foods and Soft Drink in following regions: Cambridgeshire - Lincolnshire - Northamptonshire - Northants - Nottinghamshire - Notts - Leicestershire - Leic - The Fens - Fenland - East Anglia and Norfolk

Towns and cities include:
Peterborough - Market Deeping - Whittlesey - March - Stamford - Wisbech - Cambridge - Huntingdon - Godmanchester - Leicester - Rutland - Northampton - Nottingham - Kettering - Bourne - Spalding - Boston - Ely - Ramsey - Chatteris - Kings Lynn - Oakham - Oundle - Kettering - Corby - Wellingborough - Rushden - Bedford - Milton Keynes - Luton - Kempston - Sandy